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The NHT ambassador from the North.

NHT Finland – also known as maiden name Kultakorva – is not the newest kid on the block anymore: we’ve been around for a whole decade now. We started as a NHT dealer back in 2006 and we’ve been NHT’s Finnish distributor since 2008. In 2013 we became  NHT’s official online retailer for the area of the entire European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland.

In NHT Finland we all are music lovers. We love to listen to the music, we play music ourselves, we live with and for music everywhere we are and everywhere we go. While it’s the music that matters the most, the quality of the sound is extremely important as well. It’s hard to enjoy the music if your gear doesn’t meet your standards.

Back in 2006, we found a soul mate in NHT and their philosophy: High end sound quality but not a high end price tag. Top quality sound, design and manufacturing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Exotic components made of intergalactic materials will sure make an exotic price tag, but not necessarily a better sound. With NHT, all you have to believe in are your own ears.

P.S. The Aurora Borealis image above is actually shot in NHT Finland’s backyard. Really. Our headquarters is right there below. There has been lots of talk among the scientists if there really is an audible sound in the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. We’re sorry, we can’t confirm or deny that. We were listening to Jan & Dean using our NHT SuperBuds earphones.

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