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NHT Earbuds – Huge Sound in a Tiny Package!

In a familiar NHT style things have been done a bit different than the rest of the manufacturers, once again aiming at the top quality but reasonable prices. NHT’s in-ear phones carry high quality dynamic drivers – either single or coaxially mounted dual – providing smooth frequency response, hefty bass and great dynamics.

All NHT earphones carry a hands-free microphone with a multipurpose remote for basic phone and music player operations. The phones come with a sturdy protective casing that fits nicely in your pocket.

An important fact about in-ear phones is that they will unavoidably sound a little different to every individual. This is because the shape and length of the ear canal varies. The sound can be perceived to be too thin or too bass heavy, depending on whether the seal is too loose or too tight.

All NHT earbuds are shipped with a selection of different sized tips which ensure that most people will find ones that fit them perfectly.

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