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It’s the Sound That Matters

NHT Audio is an innovative speaker manufacturer based in Benicia, California to which “unusual is typical” – this is how the company describes itself. NHT was founded in 1987 and it has – despite of its relatively short history – brought many new innovations into the world of speakers that others have since copied.

The guiding principle for NHT’s engineers has always been to create affordable speakers that sound better than their price tag would indicate. And that work well in ordinary homes. Home isn’t a recording studio; most homes are not designed with audio first in mind. The simple fact is that homes are full of different types of surfaces that reflect sound. NHT’s speakers are designed to operate in homes.

“NHT, since its inception, has held to the belief that what makes a speaker high-end is real, but what makes it expensive is not. No matter what model is right for you, be assured it was designed with one goal: to recreate in your home the performance the artist intended, without editorializing. After all, it is the music that matters.”

Chris Byrne
Co-founder of NHT

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