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NHT Super Series – Great sound on a budget

Designed for audiophiles on a budget, the Super Series offers the ultimate in value without compromise to sonic performance. The Super Series provides all the detail and air you would expect from speakers of the highest caliber. Each model is solidly built using economies of scale to keep the price in a range affordable for all consumers.  With extensive attention to design and voicing, there is no reason that you have to pay more to truly enjoy music.

Over the years, an incredible amount of NHT speakers has been sold under the name ‘Super’ – though the current Supers don’t have much more in common with their ancestors from the 90s except their name and a superb price/performance ratio. The Supers sound extremely good – both absolutely and especially in proportion to their price. And hey, with their high-gloss laminate finishing they don’t look bad either!

The model range includes two bookshelf speakers, a matching center speaker and a compact yet powerful 10-inch subwoofer.


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